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I’ve written a number of news stories for Imbibe’s website. Here are just a handful… 

Just what the Doctor ordered

Consumer demand is a powerful thing. Just look at Cadbury buckling under the weight of social media-induced pressure to bring back Wispa.

And so it is that Dr. Adam Elmegirab has been forced to reinstate his Spanish Bitters after finding himself at the end of a barrage of emails as bartender’s stocks ran low.

Initially created for a cocktail competition, and then released commercially as a limited edition batch in 2010, this highly-regarded ingredient made its way onto numerous cocktail lists.

Writing on his blog The Jerry Thomas Project, Elmegirab said, ‘As we all know, the market dictates the success of a bottling, and as with my original reformulation of Boker’s Bitters, [the] people have spoken and they want Spanish Bitters. Who am I to decide they can’t have them?’

The bitters are based on Spanish Bitters recipes from the 19th century, are handcrafted and include botanicals from roots, citrus peels and chamomile flowers.

Elmegirab has helpfully provided a list of Spanish Bitters stockists.

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A friend in need

Sometimes, life takes an unexpected turn. And it’s nice to know that our friends – and the industry that we work in – is on hand to help pick up the pieces when it happens for the worse.

So it is that Help a Bartender has recently launched. Ajax Kentish, bartender at Hawksmoor Guildhall and brains behind the operation, has set the scheme up for his friend, Elias Vlahos, a Greek bartender who had a motorbike accident four years ago.

With more treatment required for Elias – that will result in a medical bill of between €30,000 and €50,000 – Ajax has stepped in to help his friend out, with the hope of eventually supporting others in the industry. ‘I know there are other people who work in hospitality who could use our help,’ he says.

First up is a cycle trip from London to Athens, which will see him set off on May 26.

Hawksmoor are already on board as a sponsor, taking pride of place on Ajax’s cycling jersey, but there are still plenty of other spots available for others to get involved, too.

If anyone is interested in sponsoring, get in touch by emailing ajax@helpabartender.com

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Byron gets brewing

Burger lovers will have the chance to sample a new beer in March as the Byron restaurants get set to launch their very own ale.

The idea was hit upon when they were visiting the Camden Town Brewery to plan their new craft beer list. The result is the Byron Pale Ale, created by Camden Town to sit alongside the other beers on their new list.

“As lovers of craft beer, we’ve always harboured a secret desire to create a beer which would complement our hamburgers perfectly.  It was a great experience to work with the guys at Camden – and we’re really proud of the result.”

The brew is part of a new list that introduces a number of beers not widely available in the UK such as SKA Milk Toe Stout, Coronado Islander IPA and Uinta Wyld Organic Pale Ale.

Byron Pale Ale will be sold at £4.25 per 330ml bottle, with the new craft beer list going on sale from 6th March.

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