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Another story I wrote for Imbibe.com, this time writing about a mini drinks trend I spotted

In our recent travels, it hasn’t escaped our notice that the unseasonably warm weather this autumn seems to have inspired – or maybe confused – a few bartenders.

In the last week alone we’ve been presented with two different cocktails worth writing home about that could be served either hot or cold.

First up, at the CASK Roadshow UK Cocktail Competition final, was Julie Doumer from Syon Park Waldorf Astoria’s Peacock Alley. Her cocktail, the M[8]T (pictured) – made with Elements 8 Spiced Rum, Merlet Crème de Mûre and blackberry, apple and vanilla tea – impressed the judging panel. It was zingy and refreshing when cold, and robust and heady when served hot.

Meanwhile, a more refined drink was showcased by Boris Ivan of Longitude 0°8′ at a Fair Spirits event. Drawing inspiration from Japanese tea ceremonies, and featuring Fair Quinoa Vodka, Fair Goji Liqueur and a rooibos, orange and cinnamon tea, it was served out of a teapot into little ceramic bowls, regardless of the temperature of the tipple. In our increasingly unpredictable climate, could this kind of innovation be the future of mixology?

By Julie Doumer, Peacock Alley, Syon Park, Waldorf Astoria
Glass: Crystal champagne saucer (cold) or crystal wine glass (hot)
Garnish: Fresh blackberry (cold) or cinnamon stick and orange peel (hot)
Method (cold): Pre-brew the tea so it’s cold. Shake all ingredients together and double strain.
Method (warm): Brew the tea so it’s warm. Add all ingredients to the glass. Stir and add garnish.

40ml Elements 8 Spiced Rum
15ml Merlet Crème de Mûre
75ml Twinings Blackberry, Apple and Vanilla Tea
2 barspoons of homemade vanilla apple sauce
15ml homemade clove and cinnamon syrup
15ml fresh lime juice

Goji Ice Tea
By Boris Ivan of Longitude 0°8′
(serves 2)
Glass: Japanese ceramic tea bowls
Garnish: a fresh raspberry
Method (cold): Place all ingredients in shaker except for the lemongrass and dried fruits. Shake gently and double strain over ice cubes in Japanese ceramic teapot. Serve with 2 teacups and a small bowl of mixed fruits.
Method (warm): Place all ingredients in a Japanese teapot and steam in coffee machine. Serve warm with 2 teacups and a small bowl of mixed fruits.

50ml Fair Quinoa Vodka
40ml Fair Goji Liqueur
15ml vanilla syrup
5ml fresh lemon juice
100ml rooibos, orange and cinnamon tea
50ml cranberry juice
1 fresh stick lemongrass
2 slices dried orange
2 slices dried pear

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