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A fun list feature for MSN Travel – the best replicas of landmarks around the world. 

The Leaning Tower of Niles, Illinois, US

Its name hasn’t quite the same recognition factor and, unlike the original tower of Pisa, the Leaning Tower of Niles was deliberately made to lean. The sight attracts mainly American tourists keen to snap ‘a piece of Italy’ but who can’t actually be bothered to go to Italy.

Taj Mahal, Sonargaon, Bangladesh

Ahsanullah Moni, a Bangladeshi filmmaker, made headlines around the world in 2008 when it emerged he was building a replica of this world wonder.

Moni declared that he built the fake Taj Mahal for the people of Bangladesh who were too poor to travel to the real thing. Supposedly a full-sized version, the copy is actually smaller than the original in Agra and has received much criticism.

Cristo-Rei, Almada, Portugal

Emulating Rio’s Christ the Redeemer statue, Portugal’s version peers over the inhabitants of Lisbon from the other side of the Tagus River.

In the absence of majestic Corcovado Mountain, Portugal’s Cristo-Rei looks proud on a tall man-made gate-shaped plinth, ensuring that there’s no escape from God’s gaze for the population of the city.

Mount Rushmore, Western Village theme park, Japan

Japan’s Mount Rushmore replica was built in the 90s. It was the creation of Kenichi Ominami who was obsessed with America’s Wild West and created a theme park, in which the imitation sits. While the theme park is now closed, you can still see it if you take the train from Tokyo.

Maryhill Stonehenge, Washington, US

The construction of the original Stonehenge is shrouded in mystery, the replica in Washington State isn’t. Made out of reinforced concrete, it took 12 years to build and serves as a first world war memorial.

Statue of Liberty, Pont de Grenelle, Paris, France

France gave America the Statue of Liberty, and her sculptor’s preparatory work gave rise to a number of replicas. A small, bronze version stands in the Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris, and is believed to have been the model for the famous statue in New York.

The best has to be the second replica made – the Lady Liberty of Pont de Grenelle – which is situated on an island on the River Seine next to the Grenelle Bridge. With the Eiffel Tower stood behind her, she is quite a sight.

Manneken Pis, Tokyo, Japan

The cheeky little Belgian statue Manneken Pis (Little Man Pee) has delighted so many that there are replicas of him in all corners of the world. The workers at Hamamatsucho Station in Tokyo take particular pride in theirs. Located between two platforms, his outfits are changed regularly (much like the original in Brussels, which boasts a wardrobe of 800 outfits).

Eiffel Tower, Las Vegas, US

It’s fair to say Las Vegas has borrowed a smidge from other cultures – take a gander at the ‘pyramids of Egypt’ and the ‘canals of Venice’ for evidence.

But the best of the bunch has to be their version of the Eiffel Tower, an imitation that is half the height of the original. It boasts a viewing platform at the top with fantastic views of the valley; prepare to get those elbows out: it gets packed.

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